Oct 26, 2023

Ramping Up Production at GlycoSurf Inc.

Exciting things are happening at the GlycoSurf, Inc. headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT! With an increase in customer demand, GlycoSurf is continuing to invest in its innovative production processes by expanding our chemical synthesis department, including:

  • moving into a larger lab space (with a 3X increase in synthesis footprint),
  • expanding our product portfolio,
  • acquiring new pieces of analytical equipment including a UHPLC-MS from Advion,
  • and hiring two new team members.

Additionally, we have expanded our research interests to include other sugar headgroups, such as xylose and galactose, which are attached to a variety of lipid tailgroups. Our synthetic team has the task of increasing our scale of production by 10X to access several larger markets and reduce the cost per unit of production. The research process is never without its setbacks and ups and downs; however, this is the fun part of the development process. The GlycoSurf team is excited for the next phase of our ongoing research with rhamnolipids and similar glycolipid derivatives.  

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