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Who is GlycoSurf?

GlycoSurf is a specialty surfactants company founded in 2013 that is focused on eco-friendly & sustainable production of sugar-based surfactants. GlycoSurf supplies industry and academic researchers with quality molecules that are high-purity, eco-friendly, and tailored for specific applications. See the difference we are making.
Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Our products are focused on sugar-based glycolipid surfactants that are made using sustainable sugars and plant lipids. Our industry leading sugar based glycolipid surfactants are new and innovative bio-based chemicals that are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Tailored for Industrial Applications

GlycoSurf's sugar-based surfactants are tailorable for specific applications by selecting the hydrophilic sugar head-group, and/or by tailoring the lipid tail-group. Consequently, our molecules have potential uses in industrial applications such as: Personal Care, Enhanced Oil-Recovery, Remediation, Antimicrobial, Agriculture, & Detergent applications.

High-Purity & Single Molecule

No more complex mixtures of sugar surfactants! GlycoSurf specializes in high-purity materials that are greater than 95% pure glycolipids. Furthermore, our patented synthesis process gives us unparalleled control over the final structure of our glycolipids.

Glycolipid Surfactants

Inspired by Nature

Rhamnolipids (and glycolipids) are biodegradable and non-toxic green surfactants.
Rhamnose sugar surfactants were GlycoSurf's initial products. Other sugar-based surfactants are now available, such as glucose, galactose, xylose, and many others. Custom synthesis is available upon request.
High Purity and Scalability
Our synthetic process produces glycolipid surfactants in greater than 95% purity; resulting in better performance properties than the competition.
Natural, Bio-Inspired
Our products include bio-inspired rhamnolipid surfactants and a large variety of unique, bio-inspired glycolipid surfactants for applications in cleaning, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, bioremediation, and more.
High Performance
Our bio-inspired production process follows the 12 Steps of Green Chemistry to produce high-purity products that exceed performance expectations.
Unique Tail-group Options
GlycoSurf has many options available for the tail-group. Single-chain and double-chain options available with most sugar head-groups. Chain lengths from C8 to C18 are easily synthesized using our process.


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