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Green Surfactants

GlycoSurf products are manufactured using high quality ingredients to yield high purity rhamnose-containing surfactants for a wide variety of applications and markets. We are continually working to expand our catalog with new and innovative rhamnose sugar-based green surfactants to fit our customer’s needs. If there are specific products you would like to see added to our catalog please send us an email at:
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What are green Surfactants?

GlycoSurf manufactures several different classes of sugar-based green surfactants including rhamnolipids, rhamnosides, and glucosides.
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  • Green Surfactants are made entirely from renewable resources, and are commonly referred to as glycolipids. They are readily biodegradable and exhibit low-toxicity.
  • GlycoSurf’s green surfactants are made using a variety of carbohydrates (sugars) for the hydrophilic moiety, and a variety of natural fats and oils for the hydrophobic portion of the target molecule.
  • All of GlycoSurf’s starting materials for the production of our green surfactants are sourced from renewable resources.
  • A few of GlycoSurf’s materials are currently available for purchase including: rhamnolipids, rhamnosides, and other glycolipid surfactants.

Rhamnolipid Surfactants are New and Environmentally-Aware

Surfactants, in general, are molecules consisting of a hydrophilic (water-loving) part and a hydrophobic (water-hating) part. The combination of a hydrophilic head-group with a hydrophobic tail-group is what is collectively referred to as a surfactant. In general, there are only a few types of surfactants commercially available (anionic, non-Ionic, cationic, & amphoteric). Each of these types of surfactants can be further defined by their substrate type: synthetic or green (i.e. bio-based).

Many Applications

Personal Care
Anti-aging Products
Acne Skin Creams
Body Wash
Hair Care
Food Emulsifiers
Crop Health (Adjuvants)
Soil Remediation
Cleaning Agents
Medical Device Cleaning
Surface Cleaning
Oil Spill Clean-up
High Tech Services
Metals Recovery
Soil Remediation
Enhanced Oil Recovery

GlycoSurf makes (rhamnolipid) bio-based, eco-friendly surfactants.

Synthetic surfactants are very well characterized materials and are considered commodity products. In fact, millions of tons of traditional synthetic surfactants are sold today worldwide, and the estimated market size is ~$73 billion annually worldwide.

Surfactants are utilized in many applications such as soaps, personal care, textiles, industry & institutional cleaning, elastomers & plastics, oilfield chemicals, agriculture, food emulsifiers, & many others.
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